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Welcome to the website of chihuahua kennel Happy Fantasy! 


Our dogs are unbelievably adorable creatures who are like children for our small and happy family. They have become our family members quite recently but within this short time these cheerful dogs have managed to change our life completely having filled it with even more joy, happiness and love. The time we spend with our little fellows is the most precious in our everyday life and we do our best to devote the most of our free time to our dogs. 



Currently, we have only a few dogs and this number will not remarkably increase because we consider it important that each dog receives enough attention daily, spends with us the whole life and is provided with excellent living conditions. Since chihuahuas are very intelligent and it is very easy to teach them, we consider it important to let them implemet their potential. For this reason, we train them a lot, including obedience and agility. They are doing really well and seem to enjoy the training. 



Our boys are available as stud males only for suitable bitches with good bloodlines who have undergone eyes and patella examination. If you are interested in one of our boys, please call us or send an e-mail with the pedigree and photo of the female enclosed as well as the results of eyes and patella examination.   


I would like to thank Marina Langebraun and Gredi Pikani - the breeders of Happy, Brando and Naya.  


I hope you will enjoy our website!





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